The company started its activities in 1961. At the moment “BIOFABRIKAS” employs 62 people. There are 6 veterinary pharmacies in Lithuania and our production is being offered via the wide range of supermarkets all over the country. In 1998 m. a part of company shares were obtained by French company “TECHNA” S.A. In 1999 the feed production line was reorganized and a new line of premixes and feed additives was opened. We produce and sell huge variety of feed premixes and additives for domestic and wild animals, birds and fish under the recommendations and strict requiremets of “Techna” S.A. UAB “BIOFABRIKAS” is trading and delivering its production to France, Latvia, Republic of Belarus, Russian federation and Sweden. Our managers specialize in consulting animal growers regarding various nutritional and animal welfare concerns.

Since 2001 our company meets  ISO 9001:2000 standard and from 2011 – ISO 9001:2008.

Our vision

To become a company presenting the most valuable solutions to its clients.

Our mission

To introduce the most innovative and approved in practice solutions to our clients in that way  contributing to the effectiveness and rentability of their activity.